Kitchen cabinets

You can equip your kitchen with a unique cabinets made of premium aluminum with fillings in the glass. Glass fillings are available in a wide range of colors, which can be expanded according to needs and preferences.

Newest trend features a direct printing service on glass, enabling customers to creating space in a unique and individual way according to their wishes.

Aluminum systems are made of top quality aluminum. They assure longevity of product life (cabinets, partition walls, kitchen edges) and do not need to be changed, as opposed to corrosive steel systems.

Aluminum is recognized as an excellent material because of resistance to various chemicals, especially those used to clean the product ( cabinets, partition walls, kitchen edges) or the room in which they are located, as well as temperature differences. Aluminum paints remain unchanged after many years of use.

Aluminum profiles come in many shapes and colors!


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