Glass splashbacks

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Splashbacks will allow you to create a special atmosphere in your home, making your space unique. With its design and functionality, they give a modern (futuristic) look to every kitchen, and most importantly there is no more grout lines cleaning. From now on enjoy your dream kitchen, and leave time for more important things then cleaning. Following new trends, splashbacks are now no longer used exclusively in kitchens, but also trought the house in different purposes.

Why exactly glass?

Glass is one of the most widely used materials in the world that easily adapts to the most diverse functions in our life. It is subjected to various treatments so that we can derive maximum application from it.

  • Slicing – glass is cut by various special blades
  • KP Grinding – the edges of the glass are sanded so that the risk of cracking on the glass is prevented.
  • Drilling – at any place on glass we can drill holes or make a cut in glass.
  • Tempering – Glass becomes stiffer and harder than plain FLOAT glass, resistant to temperature oscillations and mechanical shocks.
  • Lacquer – A wide color palette enables us to esthetically change every look of glass according to your own wishes.
  • Digital print – the latest glass-painting technology that will leave you breathless !!!


What are the benefits?

The advantages of wall coverings are as follows:

  • Easy to maintain (grout lines no longer exist)
  • It is resistant to temperature and impact
  • Aesthetically exaggerates every kitchen and gives it a new dimension
  • Creatively determines every one of your personalities
  • Enhances every mood in the kitchen


How to mesure splashback?

Mesuring is very simple. At the desired point in the kitchen (the kitchen wall) measure the full opening (height and width), so full dimensions should be taken away 2mm in height and 2mm in width (in the most ideal conditions). It is a little more complicated when taking the dimensions of the drill for the sockets, so in this measurement you should pay attention to the exact dimensions of the center of the holes for the sockets (for single sockets) or the volume of the cut-outs (in the modular sockets).

Wondering how the glass is installed?

The glass is glued to the wall using special mounting HIGH – TEC adhesives, and NEUTRAL TRANSPARENT glues. When installing glass that is transparent (satin glass), we put special aluminum L profiles into the upper kitchen area.  If necessary, the final edges of the glass are closed with acrylic adhesives.

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