Terms and payment

Guarantee terms

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the product and with presentation of the original invoice. After the selected product, we do not take into account any complaints, replacements, or changes to the existing product. The warranty for glass products lasts 24 months, while the warranty for the accessories and accessories lasts 12 months.

The warranty is void in case:

  • Failure to follow the instructions for installation and maintenance
  • Negligent handling of the product
  • Product damage caused by a mechanical blow by the customer or third party
  • Installation of the product by a person who is not professionally trained
  • If non-original components or spare parts are subsequently incorporated into the product
  • Any subsequent alteration or refinement of the product that has not been approved by Stakla Klarić
  • Damage as a result of a natural disasters (flood, freezing, storm, fire, fire, etc.).

Payment methods

Cash payment

For a full advance we aprove 5% discount. You can pay for the ordered products through the internet banking of any bank where you have an open possibility of such a payment method or by means of a general payment.

Payment information:

IBAN: HR1823400091160013108

Model call number: number of invoice

Purpose of payment: payment by invoice

Name / name of the payer: Name and surname

Payment by credit cards

We accept all credit cards.



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